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A single drop of black fluid falls from the clouds...

Ever since I wrote the first draft of what was still called TWILIGHT in 2004 (see my earlier post on the story behind this), this line has always been at the very beginning of the screenplay. And from it, the story of NIGHTFALL was born.

Okay. That's not entirely true. For one thing, while I remembered this sentence as always being there, when I went back to check while writing this post, I discovered it wasn't until the third revision that it began to appear. And secondly, there was a little more to go on than just this single line.

Starting with the third revision and staying until the final version, written on the basis of extensive studio feedback, TWILIGHT always op...

Before I get to the first entry about the actual production process of NIGHTFALL, I’d like to take a moment to dive into the checkered history of the project’s origins...

A madman's hello

If there is one thing I cannot be accused of, it’s a lack of ambition. Which is probably the kindest thing you might say about my decision to make NIGHTFALL.

Me, that is Sebastian Moretto. I'm an independent and commercial (as in advertising – gotta make a living) filmmaker from Bochum, Germany, as well as co-owner of the boutique production and camera rental company AVENIR Filmproduktion. I regularly work as a writer, d...

Time for something new.

Okay. Strictly speaking, "new" isn’t entirely correct since I’ve been working on the project this is about for quite a while. A really long while. But what I am beginning today is the process of talking about it. To everyone who was at our EXTINCTION: Prologue premiere about a year ago (and, by the way: holy bananas, that was a year ago!), its name will already be familiar because of a first, very rough teaser we presented there.

NIGHTFALL will be a twenty-minute science fiction / horror short (intended as a proof of concept for a feature) that dives headfirst into the monster movie tradition of ALIEN but takes a fantastic turn when our heroine realizes her nightmares contain a hidden message from a prescient being – and the key to stopping a deadly organism she discovers on a desolate pl...